Old Game : Caesar

Moon so bright, Nigh so tight.

To Night I've Long time to spend with my friend in the Basecamp.
But I choose take my laptop. I think to playing games or surfing to the net.
I'll try to playing the Old game : Caesar 3.

What's the fucking games?

Wikipedia says :

Caesar is a city-building computer game where the player undertakes the role of a Roman governor, building ancient Roman cities.

Released in 1992 on the Amiga, ported the next year to Atari ST, PC and Macintosh, the game was similar to SimCity

In addition to similar graphics and user interfaces, it also came with issues of micromanagement, including complicated city-planning requirements such as building the right number of schools, theaters, libraries, bathhouses, and other amenities, within suitable distances of residential areas.

This is my first time I was play this game and not too familiar for me. But this game is so delighted to play. 
Look like became a  city owner and we can arrange the city as if we have the power. 

Every game have many kind, in the Caesar games if you can complete the mission and get many population, you have a good position in government. And then you must solve the problem in the next level. Lets Try this game!

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